This Lovely NYC Neighborhood Was Modeled After An English Village

This Lovely NYC Neighborhood Was Modeled After An English Village

Forest Hills offers a little piece of the UK in Queens, with quaint Tudor-style houses and a town center with a LIRR station!

If you’ve ever been to Forest Hills in Queens, you probably felt like you hopped on a flight right across the pond — and that’s on purpose!

Though the main area of the neighborhood resembles other streets in the outer boroughs, once you head down 71st/Continental Ave and hit Forest Hills Station, you won’t believe you’re in NYC.

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That’s because once you pass under that archway it will open up to Forest Hills Gardens, a NYC enclave that has some of the most enchanting storybook houses.

Forest Hills Gardens dates back to 1910, when it was laid out to mimic a traditional English village — according to The Cultural Landscape Foundation — with a shopping village, two parks, a “town square,” and of course, plenty of charming houses. In fact, only Tudor or Georgian houses were allowed to be constructed, with either red-tile or slate roofs. This was the work of the Russell Sage Homes Foundation, whose founder Margaret Olivia Sloan Sage always wanted to create an “an idyllic garden suburb.”

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