Your Library Card Now Gets You Free Access To More Than 30 NYC Museums


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NYC’s library card just got a Moviepass-sized upgrade. NYC library members can now access 33 cultural bastions throughout the city thanks to the new Culture Pass initiative, which seeks to give equal admission to the city’s finest attractions to all New Yorkers, regardless of economic circumstances.

And may we just say: It’s a pretty sweet deal, regardless of which borough you reside in. I can’t count the number of times I was too broke to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens when I had to return a book at the Central Library next door. And the Whitney? Am I about to become, dare I say, fancy? Though rent is unmanageable and the MTA is devolving into a Mad Max-levels of chaos, it is nice to know that the city wants us to explore what it has to offer.    Continue Reading ›

Want A View Of The 4th Of July Fireworks? Here’s Where To Go

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The day is almost here: The Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, which will light up the sky for its 42nd annual spectacle, happens tomorrow. The company has been touting this year’s event as the “largest display since the Millennial Celebration,” with more than 75,000 shells (up from 60,000 last year) launching during a colorful 25-minute display.

The fireworks will launch from seven barges stationed along the East River from 24th to 42nd streets, and the official viewing locations for the event are located at similar points—namely, along the East River in Midtown, the East Village, Long Island City, and north Brooklyn.

But if you don’t want to be squished among the sure-to-be-sweaty crowds at those street-level spots, never fear: We’ve gathered some of the best ways to watch the July 4 fireworks, many of which are located at a safe remove—i.e., on a boat in the East River.

Worried about getting around on Wednesday? Here are the city’s planned street closures and subway changes.

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Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to figure out all of your “stay cool” survival plans. One great way: outdoor pools, which NYC has in abundance—there are 52 in the city, and they’re set to open to the public on June 27.

But how do you know which of those swimming spots are worth your time? We’ve got you covered; here, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best outdoor pools in NYC. Of note: Some are free to the public while others require a day pass or charge an entry fee. (And if there’s cool pool around NYC that you’re particularly fond of, let us know in the comments below.)

Looking for more ways to cool off? Beaches are open for the season and we’ve rounded our picks of the best ones to check out, as well as highlighted the best hotels with rooftop and indoor pools. If water isn’t your thing, there is this nifty guide to places where you can enjoy free air conditioning in New York City. Continue Reading ›