Where To Find Christmas Trees In 2020 In The Forest Hills Area

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At least 25 million real Christmas trees are sold each year across America, and currently, 350 million are growing in all 50 U.S. states. And despite these unprecedented times, the tree market is still up and running this holiday season. Christmas tree lots and choose-and-cut farms nationwide are taking precautions as the coronavirus pandemic worsens to ensure buyers can take home a tree with minimal risk to their family’s health and safety.

“We highly encourage growers to use these recommendations to develop strategies to protect their workers and customers,” the the National Christmas Tree Association wrote on its website this year, and “wholesale growers should share the recommendations for tree lots with their customers. Having a COVID-19 plan for your business is an imperative.”

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Here’s How To Get Rid Of A Christmas Tree In NYC

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NEW YORK — Oh, post-Christmas tree, how dry and flaky are your branches. New Yorkers may find their indoor evergreens less charming this week, with the presents gone and needles covering their floors.

The city makes it fairly straightforward to get rid of unwanted Christmas trees. But those eager to do so have to wait until the new year before their trees can be recycled and reincarnated. Continue Reading ›