A little Inn Sight Into Old Forest Hills


One of the most historic sites in Forest Hills, the Forest Hills Inn at 1 Station Square, is celebrating its history with a new exhibition in its wood-paneled lobby.

The permanent “Inn-sight to Yesterday” display includes restored postcard prints reflecting on its 1912 through its conversion into a residence in 1967, as well as the history of Station Square and its connecting buildings including The Raleigh, The Marlboro, and LIRR station. Also featured in the display are matchbook covers, menus, ads, letters, and an account card.

“When you find old files, you are very surprised,” said George Hoban, president of the board of the Station Square Inn Apartments Corporation, who discovered a treasure trove of memorabilia in an abandoned attic. “When someone would book a hotel room back in the early 1950s, they would get a confirmation by mail, including a self-addressed postcard, where they would place their banking information. Continue Reading ›