Visit Eddie’s Sweet Shop, the oldest ice cream parlor in New York City

Eddie's Sweet Shop

Like Katz’s Deli, Delmonico’s, and Lombardi’s, Eddie’s Sweet Shop on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills is one of New York City’s oldest eateries. It’s also the city’s oldest ice cream shop! Believe it or not, Eddie’s has been scooping homemade ice cream and toppings from behind the same marble countertops since around 1925! (Though other folks might claim otherwise: A publication innacurately reported that it opened in 1909, and the news spread quickly). Continue Reading ›

Guess What Ice Cream Parlor Is Rated Number 12 In The World For 2018?

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for the best ice cream in the world
The jangle of music box melodies blaring from ice cream trucks heralds the start of summer in most parts of the world, but for The Daily Meal, it’s always ice cream season. In 2016, we scooped, spooned, and licked our way around the world to debut the World’s 35 Best Ice Cream Parlors and then went for a second helping in 2017 with World’s 35 Best Ice Cream Parlors, but now we’re back for another installment. We’ve expanded our list to 50 iconic ice cream and gelato makers, and we’re including ice cream parlors as well as scoop shops in the mix, offering up a triple scoop of the best ice creams (and gelatos) around the world.

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This Queens Ice Cream Parlor Will Bring You Back To 1960s NYC



Forest Hills is one of those neighborhoods in New York City that doesn’t really look like New York City. With Tudor and colonial-style housing, and stretches of the neighborhood resembling a platonic ideal of Main Street, U.S.A., it is exactly the kind of place you’d expect to find an old school ice cream parlor. Enter: Eddie’s Sweet Shop, a beloved local ice cream parlor that has been around for almost half a century, after it took over the space from another ice cream parlor that opened in 1909!

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Summer doesn’t officially begin for another week, but things are already heating up in Queens. Good thing New York City’s most majestic and diverse borough has plenty of sweet frozen treats to cool down with. From old-school classics to new-fangled creations, Queens has everything when it comes to frozen desserts, including in true multicultural fashion treats from Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines. Let us know what your favorite Queens frozen treat is in the comments. Continue Reading ›