8 NYC Neighborhoods That Will Feel the Impact of Amazon’s New Campus

Image of Long Island City

The announcement of Long Island City as the location for Amazon’s newest headquarters has ushered in lots of speculation about its impact on the character and economy of New York City. The company is planning to create more than 25,000 high-paying jobs in Queens, and there will be an unknown number of additional new roles in businesses that arise to feed, clothe, outfit and otherwise cater to the arriving Amazonians. Where will these people live, and which trains will they ride? Changes in Long Island City are already being felt. Based on their location, transportation options, and character, the following eight neighborhoods are likely to see significant impacts from Amazon’s arrival as well. Continue Reading ›

Are You Living In One Of The Five Most Affordable Neighborhoods In Queens?


Home sale prices have increased across the city, according to a local real estate marketplace. However, the housing stock is high and prices are still low in five Queens neighborhoods that are perfect for anyone looking for a new place to call home.

According to real estate website StreetEasy, Forest Hills, Woodside, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights and Kew Gardens are the most affordable areas with the most potential in Queens right now. Continue Reading ›

Website Reimagines The Names of Queens Streets and Neighborhoods


Do you ever wonder about the origin of your street’s name?

Do live In (Michael) Jackson Heights?

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX has compiled a map of streets and neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs and renamed them after celebrities, television shows and products. A handful of Queens streets and neighborhoods are renamed on the map including Queens (of the Stone Age) Boulevard and (Michael) Jackson Heights. Continue Reading ›



Sample food from 24 diverse restaurants at the Taste of Sunnyside .  Food lovers in Queens who are searching for a diverse culinary experience should look no further than the Taste of Sunnyside― an event that celebrates the local eateries and beverages that the neighborhood has to offer. Continue Reading ›

Everything You Need To Know About Sunnyside, Queens



For a diverse neighborhood that’s close to the subway — without Manhattan or Brooklyn prices — take a ride on the 7 to Sunnyside.

Go quickly though, as this Queens gem is no longer a secret, and demand for real estate here is growing.

The friendly neighborhood draws in visitors thanks to its mom-and-pop shops and kitschy eateries.

The area is known for its “Sunnyside” arch, a 25-foot-tall sign along the 46th Street shopping district, and Sunnyside Gardens — rows of one-to-three family houses built in the 1920s and arranged around small green spaces. Continue Reading ›




This year’s Tour de Queens will start and end in tree-lined Astoria Park, a stone’s throw from the East River. The tour will be approximately 20 miles through some fabulous neighborhoods, including Long Island City, Sunnyside, Rego Park, Forest Hills, and Corona. Our rest stop will be at one of Queens’ most beautiful but overlooked parks, Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village Continue Reading ›