3 NYC Neighborhoods Where You Can Live Like It’s The Suburbs


Starting a family and ditching NYC for the suburbs can seem like a bold choice these days: Back in 2013, the New York Times wrote about several Brooklynite clans who opted to take their vegan soap-selling ways to Westchester County, where they were surprised to find themselves far happier and more comfortable than they’d expected.

These ex-New Yorkers were depicted as pioneers, bucking supposedly nationwide trends of urbanization. But in fact, per the Washington Post, America’s suburbs are growing at a faster pace than its cities—so perhaps the real rebels are those parents who opt to stay put and raise their kids right here.

But childrearing in NYC doesn’t have to mean cramming the family into cramped apartments or schlepping strollers down treacherous subway stairs: Some say that they’ve found a happy medium between city and suburban life, little corners of New York where they can split the difference between the two. Continue Reading ›