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The Forest Hills community has undoubtedly influenced and impactedDavid's life. Since moving to Forest Hills Gardens in 1998, he has built and fostered relationships with many active members of the community. His family has been engaged with the Forest Hills community since 1990 with the establishment of their family business, 5 Burro Cafe- located on Austin Street. Consequently,Davidstrongly values community service, philanthropy, and maintaining the integrityof the neighborhood he was raised in. Since graduating from Michigan State University - Eli Broad School of Business,Davidhas held various positions in the Hospitality industry, and has developed a keen attention to detail. Having been raised by a culturally diverse family - his mother, a Jewish second generation New Yorker, and his father, a Chilean born immigrantDavidenjoys speaking both English, Spanish, and Hebrew to friends and family. His hobbies include, traveling, eating delicious food,competitively training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,and listening to a variety of podcasts. Lastly, he is constantly eager to learn about and connect with others!

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David Cornejo

  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
16 Station Square
Forest Hills, New York 11375 United States

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