Located only 13 minutes by commuter rail from Midtown Manhattan, Forest Hills is a unique community within the bounds of New York City offering the best of urban and suburban living...

When entering the arch at Station Square, you walk across cobbled stone streets into a turn of the century village, known as Forest Hills. With its gently curving streets, excellent schools and private parks it is the only residential area within the city offering a wide selection of properties ranging from architecturally impressive estate quality residences, detached Colonial and Tudor homes, townhouses and classic pre-war cooperative apartments all nestled within a verdant suburban-like setting.

Architecturally, these homes have a distinctive charm, which has been preserved by covenants agreed upon by residents of the community. These guidelines are designed to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the area. As a result, Forest Hills Gardens and its surrounding neighborhoods have continued to be one of the most stable and beautiful communities in the United States with homes of masonry construction and red tile roofs, planned to combine beauty and stability. Residents can be assured that they have made a sound real estate investment when they purchase a home in Forest Hills, where appreciation in value has far exceeded that of other sections of the country.

Cradled by a broad swath of protected, forested land containing horseback trails, golf course and other recreational facilities, Forest Hills is a great place to raise a family! Private parks are located throughout the community and are available for the outdoor enjoyment of all.

In June, young and old alike meet at Flagpole Green where springtime is ushered in with the annual celebration of Children's Day.

And where else in New York do families gather each evening of Hanukkah to light a candle and sing traditional holiday songs or does Santa drive his sleigh through winding streets each Christmas Eve while his helpers visit the homes with gifts for all the children?

A gathering place for families is the Community House which provides facilities for education, recreation and social affairs including a large indoor swimming pool, gymnasium & theater and formal banquet hall. The Community House also provides classes in arts, crafts and music, a preschool, after school programs and serves as a center for community forums, theatrical events as well as other civic activities.

The West Side Tennis Club, also located within the Bounds of Forest Hills Gardens offers country club amenities including world class tennis facilities, patio dining and an outdoor swimming pool for its members. It’s recently restored stadium, iconic in the history of tennis as the site of the U.S. Open and Davis Cup Championships for many years, was built in 1923. It has also become a festive concert venue in addition to its hosting of major regional and national tournaments during the summer season.

Many famous and talented people have made Forest Hills their home and have lent their talents to the benefit of the community. Some families have been residents for three or four generations continuing the traditions begun in the days when horse driven carriages carried residents from the train station to their homes.

Convenient transportation has helped Forest Hills become one of the most desirable places to live in the New York City area. Its residents enjoy the peaceful charm of a small English village combined with the convenience of easy subway, Long Island Railroad or express bus transportation to the city's business districts, shops, theaters and museums. The area is also conveniently located proximate to major highways and approximately 15 minutes from both La Guardia and JFK airports. Within walking distance you will find excellent shops and boutiques and a wide variety of gourmet restaurants. Forest Hills still maintains a small town flavor in the midst of one of the world's largest and busiest cities.