• Would like to thank you, I mean Sothebys Realty, for all of your efforts in selling my house, trying to get me the best deal.Firstly, I thank you for all of your calls. They were very encouraging for me when going through the entire selling process. Renata: did a great job when organizing all around showing the house, dealing with my tenants = not easy. She was a great "mentor/adviser" for me what to do step by step. She significantly contributed to my success.

  • Linda: found the best potential buyer and was working on him... so hard & tough so I could get a great selling price! You should see her in action! Sheldon: he had not easy job when trying to get me the better buyer. ALMOST!... He was trying so hard that to select his buyer became so close...In sum, you all are a magnificent team! It is a pleasure for me to sell/buy houses using your Realty!! I mean it! I have serious doubt if I could do better without help of Sheldon, Linda, Renate & You!! Elzbieta S.